Our Clinicians

Sherry McHenry, Ph.D.

Sherry McHenry, Ph.D. | (404) 633-2475, extension #1
Dr. McHenry is a licensed psychologist and a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has worked extensively in inpatient and outpatient therapy settings with individuals, couples, and families.

For the past 20 years, her work has focused primarily on the treatment of personality disorders, identity issues, and relationship issues using an integrated psychodynamic and systemic theoretical orientation. She has been an adjunct supervisor in the graduate psychology department of Georgia State University, and an adjunct supervisor for the Georgia School of Professional Psychology. She provides clinical supervision and consultation to other professionals and organizations, including family owned businesses. She also provides therapy and consultation for families with adult children who are adjusting to major life transitions.

Contact > Dr. McHenry at (404) 633-2475, extension #1.

Susan Katrin, Ph.D., P.C.

Susan Katrin, Ph.D., P.C. | (678) 637-7535
Dr. Katrin is a Licensed Psychologist and a Licensed Professional Counselor with more than 30 years experience treating adults with a variety of mental health conditions. As a psychotherapist with an eclectic approach to therapy, she believes the quality of the client-therapist relationship, along with an understanding of the interplay of emotions, thoughts, and behavior is vital to a positive therapeutic outcome.

Dr. Katrin is a retired Associate Professor, Georgia State University and holds national certifications as both a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and a Certified Counselor. She also enjoys providing clinical supervision to other mental health professionals. Dr. Katrin is published in the area of women’s issues and has a background in rehabilitation and addiction.

Contact > Dr. Katrin at (678) 637-7535.

David Yeager, Ph.D.

David Yeager, Ph.D. | (404) 625-6000
Dr. Yeager is a licensed psychologist who has been in practice in the metropolitan Atlanta area for over 25 years. He provides individual, couple, and family therapy.

He has extensive experience in hospital and outpatient mental health treatment settings, including outpatient treatment of addictive disorders. He has also provided teaching, training, and clinical supervision to psychotherapists and addiction counselors. His specialties include hypnotherapy, adolescent psychotherapy, and couples therapy with an emphasis on child rearing issues, as well as relationship and communication issues.

Contact > Dr. Yeager at (404) 625-6000.